Thursday, July 31, 2008

How is it possible to compare A QB from the MAC to QBs from the BCS

Personally I have always found it interesting when many sports writers try to compare a Non-BCS quarterback to one of a major conference. I am talking about Dan LeFevour from Central Michigan, no disrespect to him but I have always found it weird when everyone starts to compare him to the likes of a Chase Daniel or a Graham Harrell, the talent level that these two play against is at the top compared to what LeFevour sees every week. Week in week out, these two Heisman candidates face top of the line talent from all around the nation, while LeFevour gets his hands usually on some second hand prospects. There's no way that you can do that, if any BCS QB would play in a system like that, there is no telling what they would be able to do. It has gotten to the point where Central Michigan's Athletic Director(Jason Holtman) has decided to put up a giant billboard of LeFevour in hopes of him winning the Heisman Trophy. Wouldn't you know that this same A.D. was the same one who decided to get behind Joey Harrington way back when at Oregon in hopes of winning him the Heisman.

To add as a starting QB at Central Michigan, Dan LeFevour has not beaten a single BCS team coming in to the 2008 season, now how can you compare, that just shows you that you can't. I can remember a year ago when everyone said that Colt Brennan should win the Heisman based on his team's record, I can see that but the only team they played from a power conference was Washington and if I'm not mistaken, they were near the bottom of the PAC-10 last year. When it was Hawaii's turn to play with the big boys in the Sugar Bowl, they just got manhandled by one of the best teams in the nation. Just goes to show you that you CAN'T compare BCS QBs to those of any non BCS school, and wouldn't you know it Central Michigan happens to bump heads with National Champion contender, the Georgia Bulldogs this coming season. Good Luck Dan!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

September 6,2008

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Packers head coach Mike McCarthy has a good reason...

In a recent press conference Packers head coach Mike McCarthy said the following,

"Aaron Rodgers the starting quarterback of the Green Bay Packers. That's been stated over and over again. I hope you can finally understand that. That's where we are as an organization."

That's it. Period. Now we know the "What" aspect of the story it's time to think about the "Why". NO it's not because Favre already said he was retiring and is apparently in the midst of a midlife crisis where (ironically) football is the only thing keeping him from going back to abusing painkillers. Nor is it because not many coaches in their right mind wouldn't take a guy who throws six interceptions in a playoff game and the media will hail him as the greatest in the post game show. No it is not any of these reasons...the reason why the Packers don't want Brett back is because of this...

That's right! The Madden Curse!!!! It's all so obvious now.

The Packers front office thought all was well when Brett retired and was later announced as the cover athlete, "Screw it, he's gone" they thought. In this way the Pack was immune to their QB breaking something(Vince Young, Madden 08 or Shaun Alexander 07, OR Donovan McNabb Madden 06) and of course in order for something to sideline Brett it would have to be HUGE...I'm thinking like a broken pelvis(which at his age isn't too unexpected). So when Brett said he wanted to come back the front office was understandably going crazy I mean after all the Madden curse is what sent Ray Lewis' career into oblivion and arguably what sent Michael Vick to prison. With that being said there was no way they could let him in, "Send him to the Jets....or the Milwaukee Bucks -- I mean Tampa Bay Bucs, screw it, send him back to Southern Miss!" Packers GM was heard screaming in Lambeau Field**.

So now you know the REAL reason behind the Favre debacle.Who'd a thunk the Packers front office were so versed in video game based superstitions??....Also nobody likes his Wrangler jean ads.

This article in no way shape or form reflects the true reasons why Favre is let go...well maybe it does but it's not the Madden Part.
** Ted Thompson didn't say that.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Haruki Nakamura Update

Haruki Nakamura, every ones favorite Black Belt sporting Free Safety(well he's mine anyway) has been fighting for a spot on the Baltimore Ravens and is apparently doing a pretty good job. The hard nosed ferocious tackler is roommates with another player who shares that characteristic with him and whose name also drives Spell Check crazy, Tom Zbikowski. Both of them team up in the backfield and are wreaking some havoc, as made apparent when Zbikowski picked off Troy Smith in the end zone after a Nakamura tip. The two apparently have made a quick friendship and even have their "own language" as Nakamura puts it which makes it much easier for them to communicate on the field. There is of course some differences between them, after all Nakamura is a sixth round pick while Zbikowski is a third round pick so, while Zbikowski looks to make an impact on the team as soon as next season Nakamura should be happy if he makes the team and gets some play time on any of the four special teams squads.

I like this guy. He's a hard worker, he's serious about football, he knows the game, he knows his job and despite being undersized plays with a heart that many players can't match. Not only that but the Ravens are a good match for him, when you think of the Ravens images of tough hard hitting, no nonsene tough guys immediately come to mind(except for Siragusa, he's pretty friggin' adorable...oh and Kyle Boller) So I hope Haruki can earn a spot and eventually we can see him and mr. golden gloves in the backfield knocking some heads.

The Evening Sun

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Free Favre T-Shirt!

Now you too can proclaim to the world that poor lil' Brett Favre should be allowed to keep on throwing the pigskin in the pros. Seriously...I don't really know what to think. I mean I really like Favre, but I think if you say something you should keep your word. I dunno.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I didn't say it...

"Virginia's Marquis Weeks caps off his 100 yard kick off return for the touchdown. 'That was just instinct. Kind of like running from the cops,' said the senior tailback."

...Haha that ain't right.

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Monday, July 7, 2008

Here's the beauty of high school football

The fattest ,slowest,ugliest,smelliest, and sweatiest guy on the team are one and the same, the star DT.