Saturday, September 13, 2008

Knowshon Hurdle? Not so great.

We've all seen this over and over this past week talking about how AWESOME Moreno is...and honestly there's a bunch of players out there who can do that, and have done that, and DO do that.

One of these guys is Sam McGuffie who's at Michigan now and made a habit out of hurdling opponents to the point where players stopped going low on him because he always jumped over them...ok maybe not. Anyway there may be some of you out there who say that McGuffie did that in highschool and not in College so it's different well to you I present you the following...

BAM! Reggie Bush does it in the NFL.

The point is stop making a big deal out of this hurdle, ten bucks says we'll see a hurdle at least once more during the season.

Friday, September 5, 2008

What a way to start the week

Make no mistake, I think Laron Landry is a BEAST and I idolize him in all the extension of the word. So you can understand how surprised I was when I saw him get run over by the Giants' Brandon Jacobs....check it out...

BAM! What a way to start the season. The Giants really did look like the Super Bowl champions and throughout the whole game never let up and pressured Washington incredibly. They never got a first down until nearly the end of the first half. Eli looked better than he did most of last year, and Justin Tuck will have everyone saying "Strahan Who?" all season long....but for now the moment that everyone will remember is that nasty hit by Jacobs who had Landry saying "Who done it?"

Monday, September 1, 2008

College Football Week 1

Every Monday I'm gonna come in here and talk about what I liked most, or what I consider to be the most interesting stuff that happened this week. Now in the words of the greatest judge in the land...Let's Get it on!

I told everyone Clemson wasn't that good!! I Told you! But no one believed me everyone kept talking about all this "Clemson speed" and what not they didn't look fast at all against 'Bama. Nothing seemed to click for the Tigers, not even their all star QB Cullen Harper looked as good as he is. This naturally raises the Alabama THAT good? Easy...nah. They're good, but not Florida or Georgia good, Clemson was just incredibly overrated.

In more bad news for the ACC Virginia Tech lost to ECU after the Pirates blocked a punt to seal the win. To be honest I was really pulling for ECU, last year they came really close to beating Va Tech and were in the top three teams of C-USA. Their defense is suprisingly good which is going to make for a pretty interesting match up againts Pat White and West Virginia come week more thing, them Holtz boys can coach!

If you haven't gotten it by now it was not a good week for the ACC, North Carolina state got SHUTDOWN my the gamecocks of South Carolina, their offense just couldn't get anything going and it's not going to get much better considering their starting QB Russel Wilson got injured.

Well there was one conference that had a worse week than the ACC...and that was the Sun Belt. Good ol' Sunbelt you can always trust them to make the rest of the country forget how far FSU and The U have fallen. Of the 8 teams in the Sun Belt only two of them of them was Troy againts Middle Tennesse(conference opponent) and Arkansas State who beat Texas A&M! Changing mascots from "Indians" to "Red Wolves" seems to have done the team some good. This is the first time this school beats a team from a BCS conference, furthermore they put an end to a 20 season opening game winning streak for Texas A&M.... The 12th man was too busy working the fields and was not available for comment. Also South Lake Carroll Highschool, I mean, North Texas got whooped on by KSU 45 - 6...nice job coach Dodge.

New year same problems for the UTEP Miners. New Defensive Coordinator's Osia Lewis 3-3-5 Defense has always been good at New Mexico and was hailed as the saving factor in reedeming the Miner's 117th ranked defense from last year. Well if the 42 points the Buffalo Bulls scored on UTEP are any indication that won't be the case, the secondary continues to be a HUGE weakness for the Miners, also it seems like Trevor Vittatoe who last year was one of the country's best Freshman QBs has been hit by the sophomore slump right in the mouth, as he threw three interceptions after being incredibly accurate all of last season....Hopefully the Miners get in shape as they receive the Longhorns in week 2.

The Top 3 are for real!!! Georgia's offense was impressive and Matthew Stafford looked very good as the Dawgs scored 45 on Georgia Southern. Florida took care of business and in a real good sign had four different players rush for TDs none of these players were Tim Tebow. USC is scary good, Rey Maulaluga leads a defensive squad which just smothered the Cavaliers and Mark Sanchez looks poised and ready to lead quite possibly the most talented offensive squad of the country.

Michigan lost another home opener to a non BCS team.....well atleast this one was a Div I school. But seriously they weren't even close, still I expect big things from the Wolverines especially Sam McGuffie in the future. Let's stay in the Big 10...Ohio State shut down Youngstown state but Heisman candidate Beanie Wells got injured, depending how serious the injury is the Buckeyes are going to look to Terrelle Pryor who had a real easy time running it in for a TD. The Illini came on the short end of a shootout with Chase Daniel and the rest of the Mizzou Tigers, it was a very exciting game hopefully the Illini find their defense as the year goes on. Finally PJ Hill tore it UP! (and get me gobs of fantasy points in the process) If Wells is out, look for PJ Hill to grab some national attention and maybe even some Heisman Consideration??

Alright that's it for this week....any comments or hate? or suggestions?? Fell free to email me: