Thursday, January 15, 2009

Draft Fantasy

Alright, this game matches up some NFL prospects I particularly like with teams I'd like to see them in. My game, I make up the rules, so I can picture a player with an established starter if I want.

Matthew Stafford Well, it's hard to picture him with anyone but the Lions since QB is their need, and he is basically the consensus #1 player at that position. Not sure he'll excel there, but let's just picture him with the Chicago Bears. That's right. This team needs a quarterback, not to mention a receiver. But look at what a good QB does to a team that is known for it's defense. Case and point, the Ravens. You match Stafford and the got the missing piece to that puzzle. Not a lot of flash, but effective.

Graham Harrell Sweet...Now here's a guy that can air it out. Scary thing is, I see him going to the Philadelphia Eagles if they let McNabb go. They run that pass happy offense. He's a good looking chap...who knows, maybe they'll embrace him there. But I just see him going to a team that throws a lot. Another good fit might be Kansas City with their new head coach McDaniels. Remember he was the offensive coordinator to the Patriots team that basically ran the shotgun offense and flung it around. Closest NFL system to what he ran in Texas Tech. Even sweeter thing is this might be the best and most likely matchup I came with.

Percy "Oh Mercy" Harvin Here you're talking about the most dynamic of the bunch. I think. I don't want to see him returning kicks or punts, this guy is needs to be on all offensive plays. Screw Darren McFadden, I want to see this guy with the Raiders. This team has no identity, and since they aren't a passing team, this guy can add that dimension with plenty of YAC (yards after catch). Since all Russell can do is dump the ball off or hit the flats. I think he'll bring more excitement than DMC.

Rey Maualuga This guy needs to go to a team that needs some defensive energy. This guy brings enthusiasm, and fear that you might see in maybe...Ray Lewis. I also see him in Oakland. That team needs an identity, PLEASE! As much as his services could be used in Denver, where there defense was just terrible, it's hard too see his style and personality flying anywhere but in California.

Knowshon Moreno This guy can have the greatest impact off the bat probably of all the rookies. Picture this scenario: You hear reports about the San Diego Chargers shopping L.T. around. His best years are behind him. Who's going to be the starter?? 3 ft nothing Darren Sproles? This is where Knowshon should go. It would be a smooth transition, and something the club would appreciate. A fresh set of legs, and a runner with similar characteristics that made L.T. a household name. With obviously a better vertical....

"Beanie" Wells He's in the Brandon Jacobs mold. Big, physical. Except this cat can run. There's a team that sticks out for me right now, of where I want to see him. Arizona Cardinals. Think about it. they've really excelled, and exceeded expectations in the playoffs. Currently one win away from the Super Bowl. What's been the key? A balanced offense. Edgerrin James already came out and said he doesn't want to be there next year. You bring Wells in and this won't be a one year thing. They can stay on top of that division for a while.

Michael Crabtree Greatest college receiver, or most accomplished of all time. He reminds me of Marques Colston, in size and how they play. Not flashy but clearly no. 1 threats for opposing teams. Seattle is probably the team that would draft a wide receiver first but I want to see him wearing the red, white and black. No, I don't want him coming back to college (being a Texas fan and all). I want him to go to Atlanta. They have Roddy White, but the team, and I dare say the city and its fans need a marquee and household name in their lineup. Someone to do NIKE commercials. They really embraced Vick for that, and I think Crabtree could do the same.

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