Friday, January 23, 2009

State of the Dallas Cowboys...

according to a fan.
There are obviously pages I could fill up with anger, embarrassment, confusion, encouragement, and yes...hope, about the 'Boys. But I'll just comment on a some headlines. I'll make this a recurring post where I comment on some headlines. These two are fresh on my mind.

Win and in? Eagles 44-Cowboys 6
In one of the most ball-busting games to watch, the Cowboys gave up 44 points, 6 turnovers, and the opportunity to enter the post season in Week 17. After losing the game in the fourth quarter to the Steelers and Ravens the weeks before, they were still in charge of their playoffs chances with a win. For some genetic reason, they cracked in another postseason environment. What did I learn? Tony Romo's aloof attitude in the post game interview answered questions about the type of competitor and leader he is. I learned that this team can't win in December and in the playoffs. And that we need dramatic change.

Roy Williams trade
Cowboys gave up a first and a third-round pick for him. Steep for a guy that didn't add a new dimension to the team. Rookie WRs taken in the second round outplayed Roy! The reasoning for the trade? "Having two star receivers will create problems for defenses...T.O. won't be double covered and can get the ball more...blah blah." At the end of the seasnon we hear about how he needs to be in the system longer, and how him and Romo need to develop consistency over a summer, and how it is difficult to make an impact at WR halfways through the year. Well then why did you get him?! Isn't he a free agent soon? Get him early in the summer! He played like crap anyway. He threw Romo under the bus on an interception saying it was a bad pass or whatever. I say, if Troy Aikman comments that he ran a shitty route, than Roy Williams ran a shitty route. Williams basically set the receivers they were developing back. The receivers that everyone were excited about because of their raw athleticism and speed. Isn't that what the Cowboys keep saying they need? Speed? Roy is about as fast as Warren Sapp and runs bad routes. And now, we probably won't draft a receiver with better upside this year. Damn, and I wanted Juaquin Iglesias or Percy Harvin.

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